Our Infrastructure

Infrastructure with customer delight as our primary aim, we ensure your plate is served with the most aromatic and quality rice. We have the best in class infrastructural setup comprising of state of the art machineries and advanced processing, quality control, packaging & warehousing units to offer you the finest rice in the world. Spanning in a total area of 1000 sq. mtr. our facility is equipped with all kinds of machines starting from rice stone separator, laboratory rice husker, length grader, rice grader machine to multi grader. Our infrastructure produces the most edible rice i.e. rice that is sufficiently milled and free of husks, stones, and other non-grain materials. Our packing machines allows us to offer customized packaging in any size and packing material as per client’s requirement.

Silos : Safest Storage Mode

Ware House : Safest Storage Mode

Open Stack : Safest Storage Mode

The Basic Processes Of Rice Milling Are


Removal of all the impurities and unfilled grains from the paddy


Helps in improving the nutritional quality of rice grain


Process to separate small stones from paddy


Process to remove husk from paddy

Husk Aspiration

Separating the husk from brown rice/ unhusked paddy

Paddy Separation

Separating the unhusked paddy from brown rice


Removing all or part of the bran layer and germ from brown rice


Removal of the remaining Barn particles and polishing of the milled kernel

Sorting & Grading

Separation of discolored ,large and small breaks from the head rice.

Weighing & Bagging

Preparation of the milled Rice for transporting to the customer

We Make Every Grain Special

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